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Our Team is a leading provider of integrated business solutions based on SAP. The solutions leverage the use of industry expertise and leading edge technologies to focus on delivering innovative solutions to clients globally.We have branches in Singapore and India , Moreover we serve customers in Asia-Pacific, Middle-East-Asia, Africa, and USA. We are the knowledge leaders in several industry verticals.

  • Team

    Sachidananda Kini

    MD & CEO

    20+ years experience in Business Consulting and ERP/SCM Implementation. 15+ years of International consulting experience on SAP. Entrepreneur since 1997. Has worked with HMT, Eurolink and HP

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    Deepak Nakil

    President & Executive Director

    Over 20 years in IT Services industry with experience in working with customers globally. Extensive experience in Enterprise solutions, product development and has worked with Godrej, Wipro, HP and entrepreneurial experience with three start-ups.

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    George PG


    He has worked with enterprise companies and has been SAP consultant himself. Over years he has deep experience in managing service delivery both for implementation and SAP Application Management, Customer relationship Management , and managing business operations.

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    Brahm Saluja


    20+ years in Relationship Management, Consulting, Presales, SAP Delivery & Support across diverse industry sectors. Has worked in Rallies India, Freudenberg Group & HCL Tech.

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    Vinay Shindhe


    He is a SAP Professional with over 16 years of experience and has been in a diverse roles - Project Manager ,Delivery & Program Manager, and Practice leader. He has been working with customers in UK and Europe for past 7 years. His focus has Energy and Utilities industry Sectors besides other domains. He has worked with tier 1 organization like Cognizant and his strength is Offshore Service delivery & Operations management, People Management, Business development & Client management (BES survey from Hay group CTS Topper in SAP Practice Most Wanted Manager Cognizant years 2011-12).

Industry Focus

Unisoft Infotech is addressing key targeted industry areas with dynamic events, strategic alliances, workforce development efforts and informative publications. In addition, Unisoft Infotech engages and supports its members in these and many other fields by connecting them to industry-specific technical experts and resources.Unisoft Infotech is addressing key targeted industry areas with dynamic events, strategic alliances, workforce development efforts and informative publications. In addition, Unisoft Infotech engages and supports its members in these and many other fields by connecting them to industry-specific technical experts and resources.

Consumer Products

Companies in the Consumer Products Industry have even more unique set of requirements - Channel Management which can be very complex and dynamic, Distribution & Inventory Management, Forecasting during lumpy demand situations, Sell By & Expiry, Cost & Profitability Control.

Industrial Machinery and Components

Industrial machinery and components industry has a very typical eco system, business requirements such as made to order, variant configuration, engineering control, production planning, product costing, management accounting to name a few.

Engineering, Construction and Operations

Engineering and construction companies have long cycles to process their sales orders. These companies have requirements such as project estimation, budgetary control, project tracking, periodic and milestone billing etc.

Our Solutions

Business Analytics (Business Objects)

Data-rich business intelligence to drive processes and decisions using with business intelligence software..


SAP HANA is a platform and In-Memory software that enables you to tap into huge volumes of detailed information.

Application Integration (PI)

SAP Process Integration application (SAP PI) is middleware infrastructure that enables you to implement cross-system processes.


SAP Mobility Platform enables your employees, customers, and partners with proven, highly-rated mobile solutions that are complete and mobilize your entire organization.


SAP ERP is integrated business process automation software that covers end-to-end business functions of the organization.


Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud in short SMAC, that we believe will change the enterprise technology landscape..

Our Services

Implementation Services

ProMan encompasses project planning, monitoring, and control activities supported by methodology, tools and techniques

Application Management Services

UNICARE that provides continuous improvement and sustenance to SAP system. Unicare designed to keep the business going.

Technology Services

Our team has been helping customers in diverse technology areas that are relevant to enterprise solutions.


  • Team
    Yasin Mustafa
    Director,VKC Pride

    We began our ERP journey with Unisoft. They have implemented SAP ERP for our group companies with a phased rollout approach. They have been supporting us to ensure business continuity and helped us is upgrading the system as well.

  • Team
    Cheng Mei
    Director,NCS Pte Ltd

    Unisoft Infotech, has been reliable and trusted partner who has been able to provide us talent meeting our requirements. Their responsiveness and quality of services has been very high. We are very pleased with their team members and would look forward to continued services from Unisoft.

  • Team
    Paul Lee
    CIO,Goodpack Ltd

    We hired Unisoft Infotech after interacting with the several vendors for SAP Application Management, and are glad we chose them. Unisoft has ensured that right skills deployed for the right job and commitment. They also have ensured proper user interaction skills. I am very happy with their services and would always recommend them to any company then looks forward to ensure continuous improvement in their SAP system.

  • Team
    Brandon Mylvaganam
    IT Director,Titan Petrochemicals Pte Ltd

    Unisoft Infotech has been supporting our SAP ERP system for several years. In Unisoft, we found a very reliable partner for our mission-critical applications. The support system is always available when they are required. The team has demonstrated immense flexibility. They have helped us to be ahead of Business now.


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