• Enterprise Solutions


    We offer a wide range of services for mid-market companies that have different needs from global MNCs - needs such as predictable costs, flexibility, business agility and a rapid return on investment.

  • Industry Focus

    CPG | IMC | EC&O

    We have built industry solutions for the following key industries:
    CPG: Consumer Products Manufacturers
    IMC: Industrial Machinery and Components Manufacturers
    ECO: Engineering, Construction and Operations

  • Services Offered

    IS | AMS | TS

    We offer a well defined process framework called "ProMan" that ensures management of complete implementation cycle from "Project Kick-off to Closure". The ProMan encompasses project planning, monitoring, and control activities supported by methodology, tools and techniques.



Unisoft Infotech is in the business of Enterprise Competitiveness. Beyond implementing world-class business applications and helping the clients sustain them, we take responsibility to answer the ultimate business question. Has it made our clients more competitive.

In short, your competitiveness is our business.

Unisoft Infotech is a leading provider of integrated business solutions based on SAP. The solutions leverage the use of industry expertise and leading edge technologies to focus on delivering innovative solutions to clients globally.

Unisoft Infotech has offices and operations in Singapore and India and served customers in Asia-Pacific, Middle-East-Asia, Africa and the USA. Unisoft is a knowledge leader in several industry verticals.

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  • We began our ERP journey with Unisoft. They have implemented SAP ERP for our group companies with a phased rollout approach. They have been supporting us to ensure business continuity and helped us is upgrading the system as well.

    Unisoft has very hands-on and committed management team that ensured the success of our ERP road map.”

    Yasin Mustafa, Director , VKC Pride

  • Unisoft Infotech, has been reliable and trusted partner who has been able to provide us talent meeting our requirements. Their responsiveness and quality of services has been very high. We are very pleased with their team members and would look forward to continued services from Unisoft.”

    Cheng Mei, Director Commercial Projects , NCS Pte Ltd

  • We hired Unisoft Infotech after interacting with the several vendors for SAP Application Management, and are glad we chose them. Unisoft has ensured that right skills deployed for the right job and commitment. They also have ensured proper user interaction skills. I am very happy with their services and would always recommend them to any company then looks forward to ensure continuous improvement in their SAP system."

    Paul Lee, CIO, Goodpack Ltd

  • Unisoft Infotech has been supporting our SAP ERP system for several years. In Unisoft, we found a very reliable partner for our mission-critical applications. The support system is always available when they are required. The team has demonstrated immense flexibility. They have helped us to be ahead of Business now.”

    Brandon Mylvaganam, IT Director, Titan Petrochemicals Pte Ltd

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Technology Capability

Unisoft team has extensive experience and skills required to enhance and customize the functionality of the SAP solutions to meet specific requirements of the users. Our team has been helping customers in diverse technology areas that are relevant to enterprise solutions.

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  • Implementation & App Integration
  • Application Management
  • Technology Services
  • ERP System Audit
  • Business Process Consulting
  • End User Education for ERP
  • Project Management Services

SAP uAcademy

SAP Student Academy at University, Colleges and B-School.

Unisoft, SAP Student Academy Partner in India, Singapore and Malaysia, intend to take SAP Education at University, Colleges and B-Schools. It combines business, academic and technical skills to broaden students' understanding in the theory and application of ERP solutions in business. Today the ERP knowledge is an imperative part of professional education. The e- Learning program is in latest format of SAP training, adopted from the global training experiences. The training program has been designed in such a way that allows the students to enjoy the same standards, benchmarked by SAP AG.

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