Application Management Services

Break-fix and continuous improvement

For your business, the SAP system is the "glue" that holds the various functions of your organization together and is pivotal in realizing your growth plans. Therefore it is important to ensure the smooth running of SAP system with adequate assistance to the users to use the system and the continuous improvement.

Unisoft has been providing "SAP ERP Application Management Services" to several customers and has evolved a framework-UNICARE; that provides continuous improvement and sustenance to SAP system. Unicare SAP Support is designed not just to keep the business going but also to keep the business growing.

The Application Management is provided through flexible delivery models that are adopted to specific customer requirements in terms of timing, work calendar, etc. The delivery model can be:

  • On site: All the consultant are located at customer premises
  • Right-site: Some key consultants shall be at customer premises where as other would be at Unisoft service delivery center.
  • Remote (dedicated): The AMS consultants shall be located at Unisoft service delivery center.
  • Remote (Shared): AMS team will be a shared with 2 or more consultants, thereby optimizing the cost of support.
Functional Support

All Functional support activities (except new requirements) shall be carried out under the scope of Unicare Service, some of which are mentioned as under:

  • Fault finding in transaction
  • Detailing procedures and paths
  • Post issues to SAP, and rectify the problems accordingly
  • Changes required in SPRO for bug fixing only.
  • Changes in the system arising out of the union / state budget presentations
Development Support

All ABAP/WebDynPro and other technical activities (except new developments) shall be carried out under the scope of Unicare Service, some of which are mentioned as under:

  • Run time errors in programs.
  • Apply changes to standard SAP programs to resolve errors.
  • Check on ABAP dumps
  • All other relevant ABAP activities required for the smooth functioning of the SAP systems.

All the programs developed and used by the users which includes reports, documents and interface programs shall be covered under the purview of the contract.

The execution time of the programs would also be documented by UNISOFT AMS Team.

BASIS Support

Unisoft Infotech SAP Application Management Team shall provide you total administration of your SAP implementation - from installation and integration, upgrades to Operation Support. Unisoft Infotech has permanent access to SAP internal workflow systems as well as to SAP's notes databases. Unisoft Infotech Basis teams are trained and certified by SAP as SAP Technical Consultants. This technical SAP knowledge on top of the platform expertise (operating system, and network) allows faster problem isolation and resolution through a better understanding of interactions between the layers.

    The Basis Service is provided under the following areas :
  • Daily/Routine tasks
  • Predictable tasks
  • Performance monitoring/tuning
  • Hot packs upgrade
  • System log checks - Alert monitoring Analysis of SAP alerts
  • Analysis of errors in transport system
  • Preventative tasks
  • Backup/Restore Solutions Scheduling Backups
  • Periodic (Monthly) restoration of backups
  • Check on the status of backup jobs and all background jobs
  • Check on spool errors
  • User Maintenance
  • System performance health-check
  • Installation
  • Instance/Client Refresh
  • Analysis of system log
  • Check for failed updates
  • Check for lock statuses
  • Database Management
  • Database alerts
  • Database error logs
  • Database Reorganization
  • Table space
  • Buffers
  • Maintenance of Authorization Roles and Profiles
  • Application of Patches
  • Apply Online Support Service (OSS) Notes
  • CCMS Management
  • Changes to environment variables of the operating system
  • Performance tuning of ABAP and System
Upgrade and Migration Services

SAP continuously invests in its products and solutions to ensure the innovation based on internal product road map, technology evolution and customer feedback. Therefore the functionality of the systems and underlying technologies change over time. To continue delivering the benefits of new changes to the business, release upgrade is a necessary part of life-cycle.

However the business critical systems being used in production, there is a need for coordinated efforts and upgrade specific skills are required to update the current distributed architecture. All these changes should take place with minimal impact on current in-operation mission critical SAP environment

Regression testing is a very key for successful upgrade to ensure that theres is not process breakdown in the upgraded system and business continuity is maintained.

Unisoft has helped several customers to upgrade versions and enhancement packs of their SAP solutions. In several situations we have worked with customers to upgrade underlying hardware, database and operating environment.

Unisoft team has comprehensive experience in upgrade process, tools and techniques involved and has successfully helped customer in the upgrade exercises.