Technology Services

Unisoft team has extensive experience and skills required to enhance and customize the functionality of the SAP solutions to meet specific requirements of the users. Our team has been helping customers in diverse technology areas that are relevant to enterprise solutions.

Development services

Our Services leverages our flexible sourcing model to ensure that you have on demand access to the ABAP development resources that you need to meet your time to market pressures. Given our vast pool of resources, we can scale up and down the resourcing requirements based on the various phases in the lifecycle of the project.

Unisoft Infotech's SAP Development Services offers you the experienced ABAP/Wendynpro/WebUI development consultants and methodology for the following development services in a flexible onsite/Remote delivery model:

  • Data Conversion and Migration Services
  • Custom Report Development
  • Inbound / Outbound interfaces to external applications and legacy systems
  • Customized modules (Bolt-ons)
  • New features and logic extensions using User exits and BAPI's
  • Module enhancements using Transaction development
  • EDI and XML integration and interface development
  • IDOC s and ALE system development
Business Analytics-Development services

Unisoft has a team of resources that can help architecting business analytics solutions using Business Objects (BOBJ). They are experienced in rolling out rapid deployment solutions from SAP built over BOBJ.

    Our resources can provide following services:
  • Business Analytics Solution architecture
  • BOBJ data services-ETL application development
  • Data Migration
  • BI design using BOBJ Platform and Universe
  • Dashboard/Reports design and development (BOBJ-SDK)
  • BI Web Intelligence and BI Mobile
Mobility Solutions Development

It is critical for the businesses to adopt mobile technology considering the trends in the industry. How you leverage mobility to be competitive, drive costs down, enhance efficiency, productivity and achieve better business results. Our consultants can help you in following areas

  • Develop a Mobility Roadmap - we can help you get a strategy by mapping out your mobility strategy
  • Understand business process impacts and identify low hanging fruits, create a blueprint for identified projects
  • Establish a Mobile Applications Infrastructure and Develop an execution plan
  • Establish methodology for implementation
  • Create a mobile app factory by building Mobile Applications based on the Sybase Unwired Platform for the devices you use.
  • Deploy full scale production mobile apps to large numbers of users.
  • Continuous Support for Mobile Applications
Advanced SAP Administration

Unisoft Infotech Basis Team has deep understanding of technology and infrastructure components of SAP solutions. SAP knowledge on top of the platform expertise (operating system, and network) allows us to provide you advanced administrative service such as:

  • Effective implementation of Solution Manager and ensure its usage
  • Performance monitoring and optimization
  • Disaster Recovery Management Solutions - set up and monitoring
  • P2V migration
  • Change management ´┐ŻLandscape transformation
  • Security audit
Data Archiving

When SAP system is used in production for a period of time, generally a large amount of data is produced which often times is result in deterioration of system performance and an increased demand on hardware resources. Consequently operating costs increase due to large data volumes, since resources and efforts spent on database administration go up.

Therefore, data that is no longer needed in day-to-day operations should be moved out of the production database, in order to improve the performance and availability of the system.

Merely deleting this data is not a valid option, due to referential integrity and legal data retention requirements. This means that the data has to be removed from the database and stored in such a way that it is always accessible for reading if necessary. SAP Data Archiving, which allows you to removed data from the database and store it in a consistent and secure manner.

Unisoft consultants have experience and helped several customers in archiving their data. The archived data is stored in a file system and from there can be moved to other, more cost efficient storage media.